Per’f-Alite™ Electric Vinyl

What is so special about Per’f-Alite.?
First, Per’f-Alite. doesn’t require the bulky, heavy frame construction and transformers of traditional neon and fluorescent lights, operating via a single compact ballast. As with any light, power is provided by battery or AC DC. Second, fluorescent lights are fragile and subject to breaking, while Per’f-Alite. can withstand impacts as violent as those from a bullet fired from a gun. Third, fluorescent lights do not provide the same coverage; the brightest areas are those directly in front of the tubes. Not so with Per’f-Alite.. In addition, the Electric Vinyl Inc. Inc. products do not burn out like fluorescent tubes. The signal fades away, usually over a long period of time. Fourth, Per’f-Alite. requires substantially less power, resulting in lower electric bills. Comparing Electric Vinyl Inc. Inc.’s thin lightweight material to other lighting sources? Today’s marketplace demands everything be smaller and thinner. They have introduced a lighting source to meet that demand!

Have Per’f-Alite. lamps been inspected?
Yes. All Per’f-Alite electronic components and inverters have been inspected by ENTELA.

What is the difference between half- life and useful life?
Half-life is simply the number of hours it takes a lamp to reach half its original brilliance at different operating parameters. This may or may not be useful life depending on the needs of the application. Useful life may be extended and defined by selecting an acceptable original brilliance that may be set with a potentiometer and an adjustable ballast. By lowering the early drain on the lamp and forcing longer periods of acceptable brilliance through increases or decreases of voltage or frequency, useful life can be extended and defined accordingly.

What’s the difference between Per’f-Alite. lamps and other electroluminescent lamps?
Unlike conventional EL lamps which use inexpensive and poor conductor substrate layers such as Aluminum or Carbon, Per’f-Alite. flat lamps are produced with superior and proprietary materials allowing wide sheet illumination (ie: 48”×72”, with the next generation being 48”×144”)

How durable are Per’f-Alite. lamps?
As a solid state device with no filaments or wires to break, Per’f-Alite. lamps are virtually maintenance free, vandal proof, shock and vibration resistant. They remain operational even if punctured or scratched. If severed, Per’f-Alite. lamps can be easily repaired and reconnected.

How is moisture resistance provided?
Moisture resistance of the lamp itself is provided through its chemistry, backing and sealed edges. ElectricVinyl’ E-Tape Edge Sealant is used to reseal any cut edges. Moisture resistance of the connector assemblies is provided through heat sealing.

Do I always need a ballast (inverter)?
A ballast is needed to increase voltage and frequency to desired levels and/or to convert DC voltage to AC. In those applications powered by AC voltage and where minimum illumination is needed, ballasts may not be needed.

Are different colors available?
Color can be changed as needed with overlays. If you require various colored overlays, contact ElectricVinyl. Per’f-Alite. one-way see-through perforated white lamps may be directly imaged upon with any number of wide format printing devices including inkjet, thermal transfer, electrostatic and screen printing offering photographic quality pictures and text creating millions of color combinations. Non perforated Per’f-Alite. may use printed white translucent overlays held in place with either an inexpensive framing system available from ElectricVinyl, or attached to the lamp with a pressure sensitive adhesive.

Per’f-Alite™ Electric Vinyl
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